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Why Choose Pruitt Heating and Air?

Certified Technicians-Get the very best service from qualified service professionals.

Guaranteed Service-We will get the job done right or we GUARANTEE that we will make it right.

We Are a Christian Company-We tell you this so that you will understand we work at a higher level of accountability.

We Come Highly Recommended-Ask a friend or a neighbor, chances are good that they have called on us before.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say?

"Just want to say Thank you’ to the three men who worked in the monsoon weather we had Tuesday. They never took a lunch break! They should have! Brandon, Lee, and Rex worked hard and long. It still is a tough job. Again, thank you and I hope for blue skies at your next job." The Adkins

"This contractor is a family owned business, and has the same employees year after year. I stayed with my other contractor, who put my original Trane unit in my home in 1973. They retired in 2004. My furnace went out in 2004, and I was told about Pruitt. I went with them and I feel like they are family members now. The main reason I went with Pruitt was they sold Trane ? my first unit lasted 31 years (Furnace) and 36 years (AC). I sure hope these new Trane units will be as good. But for sure, they will out-last me." Mrs. McIntyre

"It’s great knowing that I have access to members of the Pruitt family if I have any questions or concerns. Pruitt H&A has been my contractor for almost 15 years, & they will continue to be for as long as we own this home." The James Family

"Great company! I can call and within 24 hours they are here. I also had no heat and they came right away! No questions asked and didn’t beat around the bush to give me an appointment." Mrs. Breckenridge

?Pruitt has been to our home several times over the past several years. They are always on time, knowledgeable, and always let me know exactly what options I have. Will always use them!" Mr. Loula

"Your crew and salesperson were very professional. Excellence in service awards to these special stand outs, Wes & Travis. They delivered on their promises and did excellent work. I will recommend your company to all who will listen! Keep up the great work!" The Hadleys

"We have been using Pruitt Heating and Air for 12 years. They installed the systems when we built our home in 1997. We have them service our units & when we needed a new unit, we purchased from them. We are very satisfied!" The Crawford Family

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Pruitt Heating and Air for making our experience a pleasant one. We had a Trane 20i, clean effects air filtration unit, as well as, a home humidifier installed on a day where Atlanta had one of the worst rain storms in quite some time. We still had a very nice experience. It was great to see everyone on the team work so well together in the pouring rain with no complaints, as well as working late with no complaints. We had people from your office in our home all day/evening and I don’t want to name individuals only because EVERYONE did a wonderful job and I am afraid I may leave someone out in error. Just wanted to say thank you and we are cool and relaxed now! Please be sure to share with everyone that was out that the house our appreciation for their work and making us feel like they care. Not too many companies share that family-type atmosphere and it is never fun to spend the money that we did but I will say when you have to do it, then it is nice to get the kind of service and attention that we received from your entire staff. Thanks again for the great customer service experience!" Todd

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