Your HVAC system is a very significant investment, and as a homeowner in Buford, GA, you need to plan for regular maintenance to ensure that it operates optimally. Since no one wants to sit in a sweltering house during summer, have your system serviced in spring when most HVAC contractors aren’t busy answering emergency calls. The following are reasons why you should consider spring HVAC maintenance.

1. Save Money

Having your system serviced during the spring transition period keeps you ready for the warmer seasons and also helps you save money. A dirty and neglected system works longer to maintain the required temperature.

As a result, it consumes more energy, leading to a spike in utility bills. Maintenance services ensure that your system runs at peak efficiency.

The preventive maintenance services involve thoroughly cleaning and replacing various components like the air filters, which can reduce your AC’s power usage by about 5% to 15%, as per the Department of Energy.

Additionally, if your HVAC system is still under warranty, in case of any claim, most manufacturers will require proof of annual maintenance before compensation. Investing in frequent HVAC maintenance will keep you under insurance, and you can file your claims with confidence.

2. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Air pollution is a significant concern, particularly for people with respiratory illness or those who suffer from allergies. Though you might not be aware, you could be breathing harmful substances like dust particles, pollen, smoke, biological contaminants and pet dander with a faulty HVAC system. While well maintained, your HVAC system can filter most pollutants to ensure clean air circulation throughout your house.

3. Extend Your System’s Life

If your HVAC system runs all year continually, chances are, it’ll begin to wear down gradually. Eventually, it might break down at the most inopportune time. If you want your HVAC system to last longer, plan for routine tune-ups.

Have a technician clean out the entire system and lubricate the belts during springtime. When properly maintained, the air conditioner can last for about 12 to 15 years, while the furnace can keep going for around 20 years. When neglected, you’ll need to replace some significant parts or the entire system soon.

4. Early Detection of Any Issues

When your HVAC system heads off to summer without tune-ups, the endless running hours in the previous season can lead to inconvenient breakdowns. Such situations call for emergency repairs. However, when you schedule maintenance services during spring, it helps avoid those frustrating summertime cooling problems.

A professional can detect and fix a minor problem before it escalates to more significant issues to prepare you for the hot and muggy Buford, GA, summer. Servicing your system helps you avoid multiple or emergency repairs at the peak of a season.

5. Keep Your Home and Family Safe

The most important reason for springtime HVAC tune-ups is to keep your property and house occupants safe. HVAC negligence can lead to carbon monoxide leaks.

It’s a colorless, odorless gas, and according to Harvard Health Publishing, it can quickly kill. Carbon monoxide leaks commonly occur in a faulty heat exchanger, and only professionals can detect such hazards.

Additionally, if an HVAC system breaks down in the middle of summer periods, the scorching conditions can negatively impact your family members’ health. It mainly affects young children, the elderly and people with compromised immunities.

Regular maintenance will prevent malfunctioning in extreme conditions. It also ensures that your system runs safely throughout the year to prevent dangerous gas leaks or fire outbreaks.

If you need maintenance services for your HVAC system, reach out to Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. We provide high-quality services at moderate pricing to all our clients around Buford, GA. To schedule your spring HVAC maintenance services, call Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc today, or connect with us online and we’ll be glad to serve you.

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