When it comes to staying cool indoors during a Buford, Georgia summer, evaporator and condenser coils have crucial roles to play. Working together, the two sets of coils remove heat from indoor air and release it outside. How do they accomplish this remarkable feat? It all comes down to a scientific process known as phase conversion, or the refrigeration cycle. Learn how AC refrigerants change as they move through the coils and how that impacts your indoor comfort.

The Cycle of Refrigeration

Refrigerant is the secret sauce that powers air conditioning systems. Refrigerants are chemicals that can easily convert from a gas into a liquid and back again. As the refrigerant evaporates, it removes heat from the surrounding air. Your air distribution system then distributes the cooled air through your home or business. Here’s how the refrigerant cycle works:

  • The refrigerant arrives at the evaporator as a cool liquid. It enters through a tiny expansion valve at a slow, controlled rate. The pressure drops, and the refrigerant turns into a gas as it passes through the evaporator coils.
  • The cooled gas travels to the compressor housed in the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system. The compressor squeezes the gas. The temperature of the refrigerant rises as the molecules press closer together.
  • The hot, high-pressure gas then enters the condenser coils in the outdoor unit. Two things happen as a fan blows air over the coils. The heat from the refrigerant disperses into the air, and the gas turns back into a cool liquid.

The cycle of refrigeration continues until the temperature in your home or business matches the thermostat setting. It’s a complex but elegant system that relies heavily on the evaporator and condenser coils.

Maintaining Cooling Coil Function

Evaporator coils and condenser coils require professional maintenance to keep them functional. Without regular care, dirt will inevitably collect on the coils. Dirt acts like insulation on a coil, reducing its ability to transfer heat. Sooner or later, dirty coils result in a broken air conditioner. Regular AC tune-ups from a qualified technician can save you from the cost and inconvenience of a premature replacement.

  • Dirty evaporator coils can cause the refrigerant to freeze. Ice can form on the coils, leading to water damage on critical equipment and your personal property.
  • Dirt on outdoor cooling coils inhibits airflow, forcing the condenser to run on longer cycles. Neglecting the coils ensures a steady decline in your system’s performance.
  • Damaged evaporator and condenser coils can lead to costly air conditioning repairs. Keeping the coils clean safeguards your wallet against unplanned-for expenses.

NOTE! You can help keep condenser coils clean by attending to the area around the outdoor unit. Remove vegetation and trim back foliage at least 2 feet around the equipment. Keep the area free of fallen leaves, pine needles and general clutter. Inside your home or business, regular air filters changes help protect your evaporator coils. Filters clogged with dirt make it easy for contaminants to accumulate on the coils.

Professional HVAC Maintenance

At Pruitt Heating & Air, our HVAC maintenance plans include a full set air conditioning services for your cooling coils. Our experienced service technicians can repair and service all types of residential and commercial air conditioning systems. During each maintenance call, we carefully examine the evaporator and condenser to identify potentials problems. Cleaning methods at our disposal run the gamut from coil-sprays and steam to EPA-approved biocides. Whether your coils are dusty or covered with grime, we’re equipped to restore them to pristine condition.

When you live or work in the Buford region of Georgia, a well-functioning cooling system is essential to your comfort. Whether you need maintenance or a timely AC repair, our professional air conditioning services will keep you cool all summer long. For more information, call us today at 770-450-6001.

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