Home to around 12,000 residents, Braselton, GA, is popular with people who want to live in a small town and commute to Atlanta. Winter temperatures can easily dip to 39 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, which will have you turning up the heat on the thermostat. As you consider buying a new heating system, there are some important things to consider. Read on to learn more.

Type of Energy Source

The southeastern United States primarily relies on natural gas. If you don’t have access to natural gas, you might choose a system that uses propane or another type of natural fuel.

There are also Trane heating systems that use electricity to provide the heat that you need. You may want to consider how much it costs to install the system, as well as how much it costs to power the system.

Central Heating

One option for homeowners in Braselton, GA, is central heating. Also called a ducted or duct system, it features ducts that deliver warm air to the rooms in your home. This ensures that each room feels as warm as the next does.

You can choose a furnace or a heat pump. With central heating, you can also connect to the air conditioning system during the warm summer months. With a central HVAC system, you can battle all kinds of weather.

Total Cost

The biggest thing on your mind is likely the cost of buying a new heating system. That cost depends on whether you need new ducts installed in your home and the square footage of the space. It typically costs more to install a system in a larger home.

The cost also depends on the construction or design of your home and whether the team needs to seal openings to prevent heat loss. Adding a smart thermostat can also increase your costs.


You’ll want to consider whether you want to add a new furnace or opt for another heat source. A furnace can use gas, oil or propane. Furnaces can have a high or low-efficiency rating.

Cheaper models generally aren’t as efficient as mid-range or expensive models are. Furnaces use propane or gas that goes to a boiler and releases flames through a heat exchanger. This creates heat that blows through the vents to reach different areas of your home.

Electric Heat Pumps

If you don’t want to run natural gas lines to your home or don’t have this option, you can choose an electric heat pump from Trane. The best electric heat pumps are those with an efficiency rating of 7.6 to 9.0 or higher.

Heat pumps collect warm air from outside and send it through a compressor, which brings the air to a higher temperature. The heat pump then releases the heat and moves it through your home. This is sometimes the most affordable option for those who don’t want to make a lot of changes to their home.

Zoning Systems

You also have the option of choosing a zoning system that allows you to divide your home into different zones. Have you noticed a few cold spots in your home during the winter months? Those spots can form because of a drafty window or because your family keeps opening and closing the door.

A zoning system lets you identify the cooler and warmer areas of your home. You get multiple thermostats that allow you to adjust the temperature in each zone. The ComfortLink II from Trane is a good example of a zoning system that would work in Braselton, GA.

At Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc., we believe that everyone deserves the right to a comfortable home. That’s why we offer heating installation services for those looking for the right heating system in Braselton, GA. Whether you need help choosing the best heat system for your home or want an estimate before hiring us, you can reach out to our team today for all your residential heating installation needs.

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