The thermostat in your Buford, GA home serves as the brains of your HVAC system. However, misusing your thermostat decreases comfort and energy efficiency. Thankfully, it’s easy for homeowners to correct or avoid most of these mistakes that people frequently make with thermostats.

1. Cranking the Temperature Up or Down

When your home is too hot or too cold, you may assume that you should drastically change the temperature on your thermostat, which isn’t true at all. Turning the thermostat way up or down doesn’t heat or cool your home any faster. Instead, it places extra stress on your HVAC system, lowering efficiency and creating the potential for a breakdown.

2. Turning the Thermostat On and Off

If you plan to be away from home for a few days, you may think that you’ll save money by simply shutting off your thermostat and HVAC system, which is also untrue. When you return home and turn your HVAC system back on, the system will run longer and harder to reach your desired temperature. Instead of turning the system off, simply set your thermostat a few degrees higher or lower, depending on the season, to keep the system from running as much while you’re gone.

3. Not Changing the Temperature

While you shouldn’t drastically change the temperature to speed up your home’s heating and cooling, it’s worth noting that you should adjust the temperature when no one is home. Turning your thermostat down a couple of degrees when your house is empty during fall and winter allows you to save energy while also giving your HVAC system a much-needed break throughout the day. These minor adjustments make it easy to slightly adjust the temperature when you return home.

If you just get rid of a few bad habits, your thermostat can save you money and make it easy for you to relax in your Buford, GA home. For help getting the most out of your thermostat, call Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. and request our thermostat-related services.

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