It might seem like a brilliant idea to try to fix your furnace yourself — after all, you get to save some money, and it can’t be that hard, right? Actually, trying to fix the furnace in your Gainesville, Georgia, home on your own is not just a bad idea, but a potentially dangerous one. Attempting a DIY furnace repair could lead to personal injury, furnace damage, and even carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why you should call in a professional instead.


You can find so many free furnace repair tutorial videos online, but they don’t teach you the basics of safety when it comes to dealing with an HVAC system. These videos are for those with some experience fixing these pieces of machinery and not the everyday user. Furnaces have a lot of moving parts, and you could easily hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have the right tools.

Furnace Damage

When you’re not sure what you’re doing or don’t have the technical know-how to properly diagnose and fix a problem with your furnace, you might look at a small problem and miss the symptoms of a bigger issue. Also, DIY repairs mean you run the risk of damaging the system further or even breaking your system beyond repair. You could also void your system’s warranty.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Gas furnaces use a combustion process to produce the heat you use to warm your home, and that combustion creates carbon monoxide as a byproduct. This odorless gas can cause serious health issues or even be fatal if it gets into your home’s air. An improperly repaired furnace can lead to a carbon monoxide leak that seeps into your house and endangers you and your family’s health.

These are all reasons why you should call the professionals at Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. Our service technicians can give you peace of mind while safely repairing your heating system so you don’t have to go without heat this winter. Give us a call at 770-450-6001.

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