The average furnace in Johns Creek, GA, can last 15–30 years before it’s no longer worth keeping. You should install a new furnace when your old one is no longer efficient. Three red flags that your furnace is at the end of its lifespan are frequent repairs, expensive utility bills and poor indoor comfort.

1. Frequent Repairs

Furnaces break down the most in the last two years of their lifespan. If your furnace has broken more than two times within the past two years, then it’s probably time for a replacement.

Old furnaces are more likely to require expensive repairs, such as replacement of the blower motor and capacitor, the circuit board, and the draft inducer motor. If a repair costs more than half of the cost of replacing the system, then it’s more cost-effective to replace the system. For systems that have passed 75% of their expected lifespan, you should replace them when repair costs are more than one-third the cost of replacing the system.

2. Expensive Utility Bills

A sudden increase in your energy bill may mean the system requires a repair or is at the end of its lifespan. If the system is younger than 15 years, then it probably just needs repair or maintenance.

Lack of maintenance and failure to change the air filter regularly can cause high energy bills. You should schedule maintenance once a year for your system in Johns Creek, GA.

3. Poor Indoor Comfort

When your heater no longer keeps you comfortable, you may have to replace it. Similar to the previous point, a heating system under 15 years most likely needs a repair.

Old furnaces, however, are typically no longer worth keeping. Even the best heating technician can’t fix a furnace that’s at the end of its lifespan. Poor indoor comfort from a malfunctioning furnace may come in the form of uneven heating, inadequate heating or air that’s too dry.

Old furnaces that have frequent breakdowns, cause high energy bills, or fail to maintain comfortable living conditions are no longer worth keeping. You will save money and protect your household’s comfort by installing a new furnace. Contact Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. to discuss a new furnace installation.

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