The airflow in your Buford, GA, home is critical to maintaining temperature control this fall. Optimal airflow allows even distribution of warm or cool air throughout your home. Here are some effective steps to boost your home’s airflow.

Clear Blockages and Clean the Vents

It’s a common accident to place furniture or house appliances in front of a vent. When this happens, you obstruct the airflow. As a result, this affects your whole air distribution system, causing limited airflow.

Airflow restrictions cause uneven heating or cooling and overwork your HVAC system, leading to wear and tear. As your vents distribute air, it may also build up dust, dirt, pet dander and other contaminants that may reduce airflow. So, make sure you clean the vents regularly.

Never Skip Air Filter Changes

Your air filters are your HVAC system’s ultimate protector, shielding you from contaminants present in the air. Neglecting your air filters not only lowers your indoor air quality but will also affect your airflow. Accumulation of these pollutants clogs your air filters, restricting air from flowing into the vents at a steady pace.

Routinely changing your air filters every month proves very beneficial for your HVAC system and energy consumption. Apart from boosting your indoor air quality, you increase furnace efficiency. As a result, you cut down on your energy expenses and maintain peak HVAC performance.

Invest in Fans

Fans are a portable and small addition to your home that adds excellent ventilation and comfort qualities to your home. You can make your fan rotate clockwise at lower speeds during the fall season to create a warm sensation. The rotating fan blades also trigger air movement that increases your airflow.

By improving your airflow this fall, you strengthen your HVAC system and battle dry air and cold conditions that may lead to infections. Contact Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. and hire our HVAC technicians for HVAC maintenance and repair services.

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