You rely on your Buford, GA home’s heating and cooling system to provide you with year-round indoor comfort. In most households, heating and cooling account for at least 43 percent of their annual energy costs, according to Energy Star. Here are three tips for improving your home’s energy efficiency without sacrificing your level of comfort.

Schedule Semi-Annual Preventive Maintenance

A spring tune-up of your air conditioning system or heat pump and an autumn tune-up of your furnace or heat pump could provide a big boost to your home’s energy efficiency. During a preventive maintenance visit, our HVAC contractor cleans the entire system, removing dust and debris that decrease energy efficiency. The maintenance visit also includes lubricating the moving parts, checking connections on the electrical components, and performing a refrigerant level check and airflow test.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

Cleaning a reusable air filter or replacing a dirty disposable air filter is one of the most important things you can do in order to make your home more energy-efficient. Dirty air filters block the flow of heated or cooled air into your home’s living spaces. Check the air filter every 30 days and replace it every 90 days or sooner. If your home includes people with allergies or asthma, consider replacing the filter more frequently.

Seal Air Leaks

About 20 to 30 percent of the air heated or cooled by your HVAC system is lost to leaky air ducts, according to Energy Star. An inspection of your home’s air ducts identifies cracks, gaps, or loose areas that need sealing or repairs. You may also want to schedule a thermographic inspection of your home to check for air leaks around your windows, doors, flue, and roof. Adding insulation, weatherstripping, or caulk could prevent air leaks in these areas.

For more information about how HVAC services can improve your home’s energy efficiency, check out Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc.’s heating and cooling services, or call us any time.

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