Thermostats are often overlooked components of an HVAC system. However, a furnace’s complete functionality relies on the thermostat settings. Your Braselton, GA, home can’t become warm without a functional thermostat, so keep an eye out for the following issues.

1. Uneven Temperature

An uncalibrated thermostat sends mixed signals to internal sensors, causing inaccurate temperature readings. This leads to uneven heating and reduced furnace efficiency. It can also send mixed signals to the furnace, like commanding the fan and compressor to turn on or off quickly or too frequently, a process known as short-cycling.

2. Inaccurate Readings

If the thermostat is in a wrong location, like near other heat sources, it will give inaccurate temperature readings. These inaccurate readings cause the furnace to turn on or off before the house reaches the set temperature. For the most accurate readings, make sure your thermostat’s location is away from additional heat or airflow sources, near the air return and, if possible, on an interior wall.

3. System Failure

To provide accurate readings and function properly, thermostats must match the heating system. Your thermostat needs to be compatible with the furnace’s type and capacity.

Mismatched systems and thermostats can’t communicate properly, meaning components turn on or off erroneously. Miscommunication between a thermostat and furnace leads to system failure. Addressing this issue requires a professional replacement.

4. Furnace Won’t Cycle On

A furnace that won’t cycle on is likely interrupted by the thermostat. Old, faulty or loose wiring can cause it to malfunction or shut down. Dust or debris could also work its way into a thermostat and prevent the system from powering on.

If the thermostat shuts down, the heating system can’t cycle on. In this case, you’ll need professional assistance. Call Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc., and we’ll replace that faulty wiring while ensuring that your furnace and HVAC system function properly.

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