Have you been experiencing problems in your Sugar Hill, Georgia, home? Is your HVAC system running less efficiently than it was? It may be time to consider a new installation. While a new HVAC installation may seem like an expensive investment, it is one that is definitely worth it in the long run. Check out some of the ways that a new HVAC system can help to save your money.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Newer systems are significantly more energy-efficient due to improved technology. You can check the ENERGY STAR rating to see how much more efficient a new system is and how much money it can save you each month. On top of this, your older system is likely to be running less efficiently due to wear and tear in the system.

Lower Risk for Repairs

If your system is more than ten years old, you probably find yourself regularly contacting your HVAC technician for repairs. A new system will only need regular maintenance, and if there are any problems with the components in the first couple of years, they are likely covered under the factory warranty.

Available Rebates

When you upgrade to more energy-efficient appliances, you will likely have the opportunity to take advantage of homeowner national or local rebates. These rebates can offset the cost of installation and make it more affordable. You also may want to check with a tax professional to see if your new system qualifies for energy credits on your tax return as well.

Reduced Risk of Breakdown

Since a new system will consist of entirely new parts, you are less likely to have your system break down. This means you can save money on emergency HVAC repair calls and also ensure that your home stays comfortable at all times.

If you think an upgraded HVAC system may be the best solution for your home but are still unsure of which model will work best for your home, contact us today. One of our experienced Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. HVAC specialists will help you select the perfect model to heat your home.

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