Uneven cooling is annoying and contributes significantly to the high energy bills in Suwanee, GA homes. Handling this air conditioning issue may be challenging, especially when you do not know the cause. Read on to understand why your home is experiencing uneven cooling.

Old HVAC System

A HVAC system loses its ability to maintain comfortable temperatures in some sections of the house as it ages. Repairs and regular maintenance might be ineffective for systems older than 15 years. If you’re experiencing uneven cooling during the hot season, it’s time to replace your old air conditioner.

Clogged Air Filters

When dust and debris clog your air filter, they prevent air from flowing freely around the house. In severe cases, dirty filters block the airflow completely and interfere with the HVAC’s ability to regulate indoor temperatures.

Consequently, some parts of the house become cooler or warmer than others. Our qualified technicians advise homeowners to change air filters at least once in three months to ensure even cooling.


This problem occurs when the HVAC’s compressor turns on and off before the system completes a full cooling cycle. Usually, a complete cycle is about 10 minutes.

When the compressor runs for less time, it prevents cool air from reaching all the sections of your house. You should hire professionals to solve this problem immediately because it can lead to higher energy bills, damage your HVAC system, and reduce its lifespan.

Wrong System Size

You will deal with uneven cooling if your HVAC system is not big enough to cool your Suwanee, GA home. Additionally, a mismatched system breaks down more frequently because it strains to maintain comfortable temperatures in a larger space.

Therefore, you will have to pay for constant repairs. You can contact our technicians to help you define the right AC size for your home.

In summary, an aging and incorrectly sized system will not cool your home evenly. Other factors like clogged air filters and short cycling also contribute to this issue. Contact our experienced technicians at Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. today to rectify uneven cooling in your home through HVAC maintenance or new AC installation.

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