According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, three in 10 Americans suffer from pet allergies. If you are facing the tough choice between suffering from allergies at home or finding a new home for your furry family member, rest assured that there are ways to alleviate pet allergy symptoms without separating from your pet. Use these tips to improve the indoor air quality in your Gainesville, GA, home.

Improve Air Quality

The Mayo Clinic reports that most pet allergies are triggered by exposure to dander that flakes off of your pet’s skin and fur. Fortunately, an air cleaner can filter the air throughout your home to eliminate pet dander, pollen and other pollutants that trigger allergic reactions. Depending on the system you choose, air cleaners may filter and purify air to ensure the air your family breathes is free from allergens.

Keep HVAC Filters Clean

Since your heating and cooling system circulates air throughout your home, it may contribute to the circulation of allergens. To ensure that any allergens that enter your heating and cooling system are removed from the air, be sure to either replace or clean the filter every 60 days in a home with pets. If you suffer from severe allergies or have multiple pets, you may need to replace or clean filters as often as once every 45 days.

Clean Flooring Regularly

Carpets trap pet dander and other allergens. The trapped allergens then get kicked up as your family walks throughout your home. To keep dander from recirculating, vacuum the carpet several times each week to remove allergens. A vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter is best for improved indoor air quality; these filters trap dander and dust to prevent your vacuum from kicking the allergens back into the air as you clean.

To learn more about how air purification can keep pet allergy symptoms at bay, check out Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc.’s indoor air quality solutions or call today.

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