Installing a new HVAC system is the best way to keep up with the changing temperatures in Sugar Hill, GA. You get the warmth you need in the winter, along with AC in the summer. Save yourself and the professionals who install the system some time by getting your home ready for your appointment.

Give Them Room

Your system will likely consist of a large unit outside and some parts installed inside. Give the crew as much room as they need to work both inside and out. Make sure that they have clear paths to the areas and rooms they need to reach and that there isn’t any clutter or furniture in their way.

Move Your Pets

Not everyone loves your pets as much as you do because they can get in the way and extend the time the job takes. Find a good place to move your pets and keep them out of the team’s way. You might keep them in your backyard or bedroom until the installation is over.

Keep Your Kids Safe

As your kids run around the house, they can get in the way and even hurt themselves. Look for ways to keep them away from the installation team and occupied. Let them watch a favorite TV show in their bedroom or have them relax with a game or an activity until the job is over.

Be Home and Available

While you might feel tempted to clear out, try to be home and available during the installation window. HVAC heating installation takes a few hours or longer. The team may have questions that only you can answer, or they may need to get feedback from you.

HVAC Installation in Sugar Hill, GA

At Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc., we have a long history of helping locals in and around Sugar Hill, GA pick the right HVAC systems for their homes. We can install the unit that you pick and give you tips on getting your home ready for your appointment. Call us at Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. today for HVAC installation and to set up a maintenance plan for the future.

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