Lack of fresh air is the primary reason that the air inside most homes in and around Buford, GA, is more polluted than the air outdoors. Sealing your home tight against the weather improves your comfort but can trap harmful contaminants indoors. What’s a practical solution for indoor pollution? Introducing fresh air into your home and exhausting stale air, mechanical ventilators let everyone breathe easier.

Health Implications of Poor Ventilation

From dust and animal dander to chemical vapors, a surprising number of pollutants get generated through our daily household activities. Without proper ventilation, toxins have nowhere to go but in and out of your lungs. When it comes to your health, it’s the impurities that are too small to see that pose the greatest danger. Tiny particulates get inhaled deep into your lungs and can even enter your bloodstream. Mechanical ventilators offer effective protection against the consequences of poor indoor air quality.

Types of Mechanical Ventilators

Ventilation systems can remove stale, polluted air from your home or bring in fresh air from the great outdoors. The best mechanical ventilators do both. Balanced ventilation systems remove and introduce air in equal quantities, so there’s no change to the air pressure in your home. You enjoy a consistently clean and comfortable environment without dealing with annoying drafts or stuffy rooms.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

A balanced ventilation system with a difference, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs), use energy captured for the outgoing air to precondition the incoming air. As a qualified Trane Comfort Specialist, Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. offers ERVs that use up to 80% of the energy in the exiting air to bring the fresh air indoors. Ideal for households with children, it makes any home a healthier and more comfortable place to inhabit.

When it comes to improving the health of your home, few products are as effective as mechanical ventilators. For more information, explore our indoor air quality solutions section or call Pruitt Heating & Air today.

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