Dust and debris accumulate in air filters over time, causing your cooling system to strain and use more energy. Dirty air filters have a damaging effect on your air conditioning unit as well as your home’s comfort levels. Here are some of the effects a dirty air filter can have on your air conditioner in Johns Creek, GA.

Increase Electricity Bills

A dirty air filter impedes airflow in your air conditioning unit, meaning it has to struggle to cool your home. The harder the AC works to pull air into your indoor space, the more energy it uses, causing higher-than-usual energy bills. The inefficiency worsens as the air filter gets dirtier, so you’ll need to clean or change it regularly.

Contribute to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Dirty air filters allow debris and dust to recirculate indoors, causing poor indoor air quality. Recirculating dust, debris, and other contaminants like pet dander and pollen cause allergies and respiratory problems. Replacing or cleaning dirty air filters ensures that the AC recirculates clean air, improving indoor air quality.

Cause Frozen Evaporator Coils

A dirty AC filter causes a lack of airflow to the cooling or evaporator coils, causing condensation. A buildup of frost on coils or fans makes it difficult for the AC to eliminate heat from the indoor air. Dirty filters also cover the evaporator coil with bacteria and dirt, preventing the AC from eliminating humidity and allowing bacterial growth.

Straining the Blower Fan

Blower fans push air through AC air filters. When the filters are dirty, they force the blower fan to work harder to pass air through them, increasing energy usage. The blower fan motor might malfunction completely, causing the AC to overheat and a possible system breakdown.

The good news about the issues that dirty filters cause is that they have simple solutions. Clean or change your air filter every three months or monthly if you have pets, allergies, or live in a dusty area. Contact Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. for top-notch and affordable AC repair services to improve your indoor comfort.

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