Heat pumps are efficient, versatile, and effective at keeping your Duluth, GA home comfortable all year round. No matter how efficient heat pumps are, they are still prone to becoming faulty and requiring repairs at some point. Below are some common heat pump problems you might notice in your home.

1. Heat Pump Blows Cold Air

Heat pumps should blow warm air during early spring when you turn them on. If it blows cold air instead, your heat pump needs professional repairs. Thermostat and fan settings, ice buildup on the outdoor unit and the defrost cycle device are common culprits of a heat pump blowing cold air.

2. Heat Pump Runs All the Time

Another common heat pump repair issue is the device running constantly or longer than usual. A heat pump that runs all the time can increase your energy costs. Common causes of the device running longer than it should include blocked air registers, dirty air filters, and air leaks in ducts.

3. Heat Pump Not Turning On

Thermostat problems, tripped breakers or an electrical failure could prevent a heat pump from turning on. Other common causes include a broken reversing valve and a faulty starter capacitor, which you can tell if you hear a clicking noise. Hire a qualified heating repair technician to inspect the equipment and recommend the necessary repairs.

4. Heat Pump Is Short-Cycling

Short cycling is when the equipment repeatedly turns off after you turn it on. Short cycling can happen when there’s a refrigerant leak, dirty air filters, incorrect thermostat calibration, or wrong heat pump sizing. Hire a licensed HVAC technician to check the equipment, diagnose the issue and repair it to enhance its performance.

If you experience these issues with your heat pump, please avoid postponing repairs. We provide prompt repair services to prevent further damage to your heat pump and save on energy costs. Call us at Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. today for quick and reliable heat pump service.

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