It can be a cause for concern when your furnace is blowing cold air. Getting help quickly to fix the issue can be crucial. The following are a few reasons why the furnace might be blowing cold air at your home in Burford, GA.

Thermostat Problems

The simplest reason is that your thermostat may not be set to the correct temperature. You may have forgotten to change it in preparation for fall. Switch it to the correct preferred setting to see if that rectifies the situation.

Even if your temperature settings are correct, the cause of the issue still might be your thermostat. For example, it may be experiencing problems with its wiring or connectivity to your HVAC system. Call an HVAC technician who can determine the issue.

Clogged Condensate Lines

As a furnace warms and distributes air into your home, the condensate line removes moisture from the system. The burners can’t work properly if anything obstructs this line, which means that it won’t be able to heat any air. As a result, only cold air will flow out of the furnace.

Your Furnace is Overheated

There are multiple reasons your furnace could become overheated and blow cold air. For example, your furnace’s filters could be old and dirty, which means they’ll obstruct airflow and prevent warm air from leaving your furnace as usual. Mechanical failures and various part malfunctions could also cause the issue.

Have a reputable HVAC technician change your filters at least once every three months to help prevent this issue. You should also make sure to schedule a maintenance appointment at least once per year to ensure everything is working properly.

Your furnace should never be blowing cold air. If it ever does, it may have some serious problems that require professional assistance. Call Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. for our top-notch furnace services, so we can help you get your home warm once again.

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