When the weather in Buford, GA gets warmer, you want an AC system that runs properly. If the main outdoor unit isn’t level with the ground, it leaves your system exposed to many potential problems. Check out the following reasons why you want your AC to sit level.

Limit Vibrations

As the AC runs, it produces some vibrations that cause it to shake around. Whether you pick a system from Trane or another brand, you can hear the sound inside. The vibrations can also damage the condenser coils and refrigerant lines.

Proper Drainage

All AC systems produce some liquid as they run, which you sometimes see pooling around the base of a unit. When the unit isn’t level, it keeps condensation and other moisture from reaching the drain line. As the moisture falls, it can damage the coils and cause rusting – both of which reduce the unit’s lifespan.

Save Money on Repairs

When your AC tips to one side, the oil used internally for lubrication has a hard time reaching all the parts. A lack of lubrication can cause the parts to rub against each other, causing them to break down faster and need repairs sooner. Keeping the AC level helps you save on some of those repairs.

Improve Productivity

AC systems have refrigerant lines that pass refrigerant over the coils and through the unit to keep your home cool. When the unit slopes, the refrigerant may only pass over some of the coils. This puts more stress on the unit, which affects its efficiency and productivity.

Reduce Damage Outside

Leaving your AC unit at an angle can damage your lawn or patio. The heavy coils inside put too much weight on one side and can make the unit sink into the ground. If you have the unit on your patio, it can wear down the brick or concrete below.

A qualified HVAC technician will confirm your AC system is level when they set it up and use the proper techniques to keep it from leaning to one side. Avoid the problems of an uneven AC with one call to Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. to schedule an AC installation in Buford, GA.

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