Replacing your air conditioner filter is one of the easiest and most effective HVAC maintenance tasks that you can perform. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it can increase your air conditioner’s efficiency by 15 percent. For best results, check the filter every month, and install a replacement if you can’t see through the material when it’s held up to the light. Here are a few things to consider when developing a filter replacement schedule for your home in Duluth, Georgia.

AC Filter Replacement Tips

Standard 1-inch HVAC filters should be replaced every 30 days. If you use high-performance pleated products that last up to 90 days, you may need to replace them more often than recommend because they capture a wider range of particles. Replace your filters frequently if the following factors apply:

  • You have pets.
  • Airborne dust is a problem.
  • You have a large household.
  • Someone in your home has environmental allergies.
  • You’re remodeling or working on a building project.
  • You’ve noticed a decrease in airflow or cooling output.
  • You’re running your air conditioner more than usual.
  • You’re moving into a home with new ductwork.
  • You live in a dusty area or near dirt roads.

How to Replace Your HVAC Air Filter

AC filters are typically located near the main return duct, next to your furnace or on top of the air handler. When it’s time for a replacement, turn off your HVAC system. Open the access panel, and remove the old filter. If needed, wipe up any excess dust with a rag. Install the new filter so that the airflow arrows point toward your HVAC system. Replace the filter grille or access panel, and turn the unit on at the thermostat.

Frequent filter changes protect your equipment from damage and protect you from rising energy bills. If you aren’t sure how to change your HVAC filter, call Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. at 770-450-6001. We also install whole-house air cleaners that offer better performance.

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