Your air conditioner’s refrigerant is essential to allow the system to absorb and release heat. Under normal circumstances, the refrigerant in your Buford, GA, cooling system should never diminish. Using an air conditioner with low refrigerant levels can result in the following issues.

Decreased Cooling Ability

During an average AC cooling cycle, the system’s refrigerant enters your home as a liquid to collect heat. Once it turns into a gas, it returns outside to release the warmth. Without enough refrigerant in your system, your AC won’t be able to provide adequate climate control.

A serious refrigerant leak could leave your AC pushing out weak or warm air. This will force the system to cycle for longer, increasing your monthly electricity costs.

Significant Compressor Harm

Your air conditioner’s compressor is one of the most important components in the system. It’s responsible for circulating and pressurizing the refrigerant, enabling the AC to cool your home. A refrigerant leak can cause a substantial pressure drop, which will negatively impact the compressor’s efficiency.

Eventually, this component may burn out and require premature replacement. If you have an older system, your technician may recommend a full AC installation rather than a costly compressor repair.

Excessive Ice Formation

With inadequate refrigerant, the system will be at increased risk of ice forming on the evaporator coils. A lack of refrigerant can make it impossible for the system to adequately absorb heat, further impacting its performance.

Internal Damage

Finally, as the leaking refrigerant coats your system’s internal components, it can lead to loosened bolts and parts. You may also find your AC prematurely rusting or corroding.

Don’t let low refrigerant levels decrease your comfort this summer. Contact Pruitt Heating & Air, Inc. now for certified AC repair in Buford, GA.

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